Toronto reports 321 new COVID-19 cases

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The City of Toronto's top doctor updated reporters Wednesday on the state of the pandemic as the city once again confirmed the most new daily COVID-19 cases in the entire province.

Dr. Eileen de Villa said three wards in the city's northwest, representing some 16 per cent of Toronto's population, continue to be the hardest hit. In the last three weeks, those wards account for nearly 25 per cent of all new COVID-19 cases in the city.

She also revealed that while one-in-three Torontonians qualify as low-income, that same group accounts for more than half of all COVID-19 cases.

To combat that issue, Toronto Public Health continues to run pop-up testing sites while also running information campaigns through posters and an outreach team.

The city is also calling on the province to provide more testing in the area.

Where a person lives, de Villa warned, is not a "reliable indicator" of where they were infected. Those who live in the hard-hit wards are often hardworking people, she said, who must work in-person and who routinely travel throughout the city.

You can find more details about COVID-19 in Toronto via this online dashboard.