Toronto streetcar sex involved 3 people, police say

Toronto streetcar sex involved 3 people, police say

Three people were caught having "sexual activity" on board a Toronto streetcar Thursday evening, as the TTC's 504 King car was making its way through the downtown core.

Two males and a female, all intoxicated, were involved in a "sexual activity incident," according to investigators at 52 Division. No charges were laid.

The crammed streetcar was westbound when it stopped near York Street at about 5:30 p.m., said Robin Lobb, who was on another car behind it.

The streetcars were stopped for about 20 minutes before a "very embarrassed" driver explained the problem, Lobb told CBC News.

"It's kind of shocking to think someone took it upon themselves to have some recreation at that time of day, on a cold, cold streetcar," Lobb said.

'Get a room'

Coincidentally, the incident occurred shortly before officials and members of the public gathered just a few blocks away at Toronto City Hall for the TTC's annual town hall, where riders are invited to express concerns about transit service.

TTC spokesman Brad Ross, speaking to reporters outside that meeting, suggested the people involved should "get a room."

"There are more private places in this city if you want to get to know one another a bit better," Ross said.

"A streetcar clearly isn't the place — it's public space, no different from any other public space like a mall, or here at city hall."

Ross said the streetcar driver called for a supervisor upon learning of the incident. By the time the supervisor arrived, the troublemakers had fled.

By early evening, racy quips and puns were piling up under the #TorontoStreetcarSex hashtag on Twitter.

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