Toronto's mayor backs reopening even as city sees 330 new cases

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Toronto's mayor backs reopening even as city sees 330 new cases
Toronto's mayor backs reopening even as city sees 330 new cases

Toronto Mayor John Tory is supporting the idea of reopening businesses currently shuttered by modified Stage 2 public health measures, even with the city again seeing more than 300 new COVID-19 infections.

Tory's office issued a letter, co-signed by other GTA mayors, saying he wants businesses "to be able to reopen safely and to remain open."

Ontario Premier Doug Ford revealed Monday that health officials are currently working on a reopening plan that's set to go before his cabinet as early as today.

The mayor also urged people in Toronto's hardest-hit areas to get tested, and noted there are more temporary testing sites popping up in the near future run by trusted community members.

"Getting tested is the best way to protect yourself and protect your families," Tory said.

Dr. Eileen De Villa, the city's chief medical officer, confirmed there were 330 new cases in the city Monday, something she said looks like a plateau.

It's not where she wants the numbers to be, De Villa said, but the stabilization is something people should strive to protect.

De Villa said there are "many conversations" taking place regarding a plan to reopen businesses in a safe way. Tory, for his part, said if businesses do reopen, they will have to strictly adhere to whatever new guidelines are put in place.

Toronto continues to see the most COVID-19 cases in the entire province and remains under modified Stage 2 restrictions. Those restrictions were put in place on Oct. 10 and are set to expire this weekend unless the province moves to extend them.

City data, available here, shows some 138 people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19 while 1,372 have now died after being infected.

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