Toss the salad? Price of lettuce up 'significantly'

Many P.E.I. restaurants are paying premium prices for lettuce these days.

"The biggest ones would be romaine, green leaf and iceberg is on the climb right now," said Andrew Hayes, the operations manager with Harvest Wholesale in Charlottetown, which provides produce to restaurants across P.E.I.

"Price has significantly increased, I would say probably at least doubled. Some people are definitely cutting back a little bit. Most of them, for them to cut back, they'd pretty much have to take the item off their menu."

The price increase has been blamed on heavy rains in California and Arizona that have caused issues with lettuce crops.

In other areas, planting was delayed or the rain has caused problems with bugs and mildew.

Prices could dip soon

Prices could improve in a week or two, depending on the weather, Hayes said.

Hayes said he's also keeping an eye on the price of celery, cauliflower and broccoli, which are also on the rise.

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