Tower Lake 4H club seeks new members

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Residents in Tower Lake looking to get involved with the outdoors, animals, photography and more can look to their local 4H club, which has put the call out for new members, with an open house planned for early November.

4H Leader Amanda Stafford says the Saddle Champs club is one of the longest running in the Peace, and is always excited to see new faces.

“It’s a little bit of something for everybody; you don’t have to have an animal to join in 4H which is great. And 4H isn’t just about your projects the kids learn communications with their speeches, with their educational displays boards,” Stafford said.

The club has been steadily expanding into small engines, photography, gardening, dog training, and butterfly raising – going beyond the traditional horse and farm animal related activities.

“Last year they learned about animal tracks and birds, critters with wings. So they actually raised butterflies, right from the larva stage,” said Stafford. “This year we’re focusing on everything green, though we won’t see much of that until May.”

Students in Grade 11 and 12 can also gain high school credits through the club, added Stafford, noting there’s an opportunity to gain real life skills.

“We try to make sure we have lots of fun with our kids throughout the year, as we do all of the activities. Lots of times they don’t even realize they’re learning what they’re learning, but we get together and have fun,” said Stafford, noting the club goes on camping trips and hosts weekend events.

The club also plans to be in attendance for the 100th Annual Dawson Creek Fall Fair and are looking forward to it.

“I’m hoping we can bring a small dog agility course, even if it’s just a demonstration. I’m hoping to bring that to the fair with the members,” said Stafford.

Anyone looking to get involved can reach out to the club for more info.

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative, Alaska Highway News

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