Out-of-town apparel purchase a ‘tragedy’: Nipawin businessman

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A Nipawin business owner is calling the Town of Nipawin’s decision to source their t-shirts from a Tisdale-based business a ‘tragedy.’

Marlon Zacharias asked for a public apology from the town from their decision to buy shirts from Little Town Apparel at the May 25 council meeting.

“This purchase, though made with the best intentions, was a mistake by both the director and council. The council and administration need to learn from this mistake to make sure it does not become a habit,” said Zacharias, who ran for mayor in the 2020 municipal elections.

“My personal campaign to bring this tragedy to the public eye has produced hundreds of online comments and messages, numerous locally designed t-shirt purchases... and hours of discussion with literally hundreds of community members who expressed their gratitude for my willingness to hold council accountable.”

Possible alternatives for shirt designers proposed by Zacharias included Nipawin Embroidery & Design Ltd. and Spectrum Signs & Printing.

Little Town Apparel, which previously appeared on the Dragon’s Den, advertises itself on hometown pride, creating clothing apparel for various towns with their slogans.

Some of the communities the business has been hired to make apparel in have included Humboldt, Melfort, Bruno, Bjorkdale, Carrot River, Colonsay, Estevan, Hudson Bay, La Ronge, LeRoy, Lanigan and Mistatim.

On Dec. 15, 2020, the Town of Nipawin joined the list, purchasing 176 t-shirts and a display from Little Town Apparel for $3,771.20 plus tax.

The town made a second purchase on March 3, 2021, buying 573 shirts for $9,871.23 plus tax.

The apparel is currently being sold in the town office and at the Evergreen Centre.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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