Town of Castor will plow snow for residents in tough spot

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The Town of Castor will plow snow for two residents who don’t have full street access to their residences. The request was heard at the Nov. 23 regular meeting of council.

A letter was forwarded to council by Castor residents Glen Falkenberg and Vic Steer about snow building up on the alleyway that accesses their properties, just off of 49 Ave on the west side of town.

“Would it be possible to have the street in front of our houses plowed out on a regular basis?” asked the letter signed by Falkenberg and Steer and dated Nov. 19.

“The last snow storm left some drifts that were very hard to get through and since then there has been another snowfall.”

During discussion town staff noted the street mentioned in the letter was actually an alleyway running between two houses and the alleyway in question probably runs for between 50 and 100 yards.

Mayor Richard Elhard stated the drifting on the alleyway was “pretty bad” and the two residents wanted to know why it’s not plowed.

Town Chief Administrative Officer Christopher Robblee stated that streets and alleys are both plowed but streets are given higher priority than alleys.

During discussion councillors stated it appeared the alleyway was the only access these two residents have to their property and it should be considered a road for snow plowing purposes despite the fact it’s not a road.

Robblee stated when plowing streets, residential streets are plowed last, and this alleyway would be considered a residential street.

Councillors unanimously passed a motion to consider Falkenberg and Steer’s alleyway a street and place it on the appropriate snow plowing list.

Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, East Central Alberta Review