Town Council News – July 13, 2022

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Councillors Daryn Watson and Liz Krawiec were absent.


Executive members of the Fitness & Lifestyle Association (SHFLA) met with Council to discuss the dire need for a new location for The Gym.

Request For Decision (RFD)

Council reviewed four RFDs:

· Alberta Municipalities Conference: This year’s Alberta Municipalities conference will be in Calgary from Sept. 21 - 23 at the TELUS Convention Centre. A motion was passed to approve the attendance of those Councillors wishing to attend and the Chief Administrative Officer at the 2022 Alberta Municipalities Conference in Calgary on September 21st – 23rd. A second motion was passed to extend an invitation to the County of Big Lakes for their CAO and two other members to attend as guests of the Town of Swan Hills.

· Overview Of Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) Program Changes: The province has made changes to the MSI program for its last few years as it wraps up prior to the Local Government Fiscal Framework coming into effect in 2024. Council reviewed and discussed the overview of these changes and accepted it as information.

· Library Financial Review: The library is required to present its yearly financial review to Town Council as per the Library Act. Council accepted the 2021 Library Financial Review as information.

· Junior Golf Tournament Sponsorship: The Swan Hills Golf Club is hosting a junior golf tournament on Wednesday, Aug. 10. They are requesting donations for their prizes and “swag bags.” A motion was passed approving the donation of promotional items and gift cards to the Swan Hills Junior Golf Tournament.

CAO Report

· Attended the Town Canada Day BBQ on Jul. 1.

· The Town Peace officer attended a firearms (shotgun) handling course for peace officers from Jul. 4 - 7 in Valleyview.

· Working on completing the Municipal Accountability Program audit follow-ups. All items are complete except for a minor change to the Land Use Bylaw. These completed items must be turned into Municipal Affairs in September.

· Signed the Power+ power agreement with Alberta Municipal Services Corporation. This agreement allows them to move forward with the next step in the power procurement process.

· The new Executive Assistant/Receptionist will be starting on Jul. 25.

· The CAO will be on vacation from Jul. 18 to Aug. 1.

· Reached out to Fish and Wildlife in Whitecourt regarding urban hens. They are reaching out to their problem wildlife and carnivore specialists for more information.

· The new Town website is close to being wrapped with a potential launch in early Aug.

Operations And Infrastructure

· PW is removing the paving and curbing from the south side parking lot in the Plaza for expansion of the park area. Cement and sod should be installed in early Aug, and furnishings to follow by the end of Sept.

· The second sewage lift pump was delivered and installed the week of Jul. 4. The system is now fully functional.

· Pothole patching continues as weather allows. This should wrap up in mid-July.

· Once pothole patching is complete, PW will concentrate on crack sealing.

· Sewer flushing should be complete by the end of Jul. or early Aug.

· PW still doesn’t have a definitive date for delivery of the Generator for the reservoir project due to supply chain issues. PW hopes to have it by the end of Jul.

· The Water Treatment Plant had an introductory meet and greet tour with the new regional representative from AEP.

· AEP has communicated that they will be out for the annual audit of the Water Treatment Plant in July.

· PW is awaiting delivery information for the Arena Condenser to be installed in Aug. PW intends to start the system early to work out all of the bugs before the season begins.


· Mayor Craig Wilson reported on his continued efforts to address the reduced hours of service at the hospital. Mayor Wilson is meeting with MLA Glenn van Dijken on Jul. 14 and has been promised an appointment with the Minister of Health.

-Mayor Wilson attended the BDSHA’s first public AGM in three years (due to construction in 2019 and COVID for 2020 and 2021) on Jun. 29. Overall, the organization is in fairly strong shape.

· Councillor Bob Clermont reported attending the Canada Day BBQ.

-Councillor Clermont also reported working on arranging firewood to have available for public use. There was some discussion about where the firewood should go.

· Councillor Jeff Goebel reported continuing to work on addressing the reduced hours of service at the hospital.

· Councillor Dean LaBerge reported attending the Canada Day BBQ and Duck Race.


After an in-camera session Council passed motions to approve:

· The appointment of Debra Rau, Ann Nagel, Rita Krawiec and Barb Goebel to the Swan Hills Cemetery Committee for a term of three years.

· The appointment of Sheri Watson and Marion deJong to the Swan Hills Community Health Board for a term of three years.

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette

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