Town Council News – November 9, 2022

Mayor Craig Wilson absent.

Request For Decision (RFD)

Council reviewed two RFDs:

· Capitol Region Assessment Services Commission (CRASC) Member Approval: The Summer Village of Sunset Point has applied to join the CRASC. They currently use CRASC as their ARB provider but wish to become a full member. CRASC Bylaws require the board to determine whether membership should be considered. They then put the matter to a vote where each member municipality may show approval by way of a council resolution. The prospective member will be approved if supported by a majority of existing members. Council passed a motion to approve the Summer Village of Sunset Point to become a member of the Capital Region Assessment Services Commission commencing 2023.

· Superior Safety Codes (SSC) Service Agreement: This agreement allows SSC to manage the municipality’s administration of safety code permits and may be extended if both parties agree. The agreement is required to remain compliant with the Alberta Safety Codes Council. Council passed a motion to approve the SSC service agreement to be extended for five years.

CAO Report

· Working on preparation for Christmas Lite Up.

· Submitted the new Quality Management Plan to the Alberta Safety Codes Council for review.

· Working on the Budget and other required financial plans.

· Working on progress reports for the Canada Community Revitalization Fund grant.

· Met with Big Lakes County in High Prairie on Nov. 1. Reviewed the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework and other collaboration items.

· Met with Regional Emergency Management Coordinator on Nov. 3 to review the program and receive updates.

Operations And Infrastructure

· The arena is now fully operational.

· PW has installed all lighting for the Christmas season.

· Once CC valve repair was completed on Pan Am.

· The annual sewage pond release is now complete.

· Repairs were required to two walls in the men’s washroom due to willful property damage at the Keyano Center.

· PW is cleaning culvert exits to reduce flooding next spring.

Protective Services

· The Community Peace Officer completed Director of Emergency Management training in Slave Lake on Oct. 13 and Alberta Emergency Alert Training via Zoom on Oct. 18.

· There were 5 Fire Department calls in October.

· Pump 4 will be undergoing repairs; when the pump is engaged, it fills the transfer case with water. All repairs required will come to $9,604.82. The repairs will be completed onsite.


· Councillor Terry Kuyek reported on an Interagency meeting on Nov. 2. The FCSS Halloween story walk went well, and the winter coat and warm clothes collection is currently ongoing. FCSS is helping seniors to complete legal paperwork such as wills and taxes. P.A.W.S will be putting on a triathlon in May. The RCMP, Fire Department, and EMS plan to have the candy cane check stop this year.

-Councillor Kuyek also reported attending the school Remembrance Day ceremony on Nov. 9. It was an excellent service and well attended.

· Councillor Jeff Goebel reported on a Community Health Board meeting on Nov. 8. The site manager for the Swan Hills Healthcare Centre and the Barrhead Healthcare Centre, Sherri-May Hotchkiss, is being transferred. It is anticipated that a replacement will be announced on Nov. 14.

· Councillor Dean LaBerge also reported on the school Remembrance Day ceremony; it was a lovely service and good to have it in person.

· Councillor LaBerge also reported on a Chamber of Commerce meeting on Oct. 27. The Chamber is experiencing challenges with member participation and engagement. Very few members beyond the executive attend the meetings or participate in events. Members of the executive have voiced an intention to step down at the AGM on Nov. 10. Various actions were discussed in the event that the Chamber is not able to continue, including dissolution, joining the Chamber of a neighbouring municipality, becoming a chapter of a neighbouring municipality, or inactivation.

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette