Town Council News – October 26, 2022

All members present.

Request For Decision (RFD)

Council reviewed one RFD:

· Tamarack Health Advisory Council: Councillor Goebel has been approved by Alberta Health Services to be on the Tamarack Health Advisory Council for three years. Council passed a motion to appoint Councillor Goebel to the Tamarack Health Advisory Council for a term of 3 years, starting Oct. 1, 2022.

CAO Report

· Met with Community Futures Yellowhead East on Oct. 13 regarding economic initiatives and plans.

· Submitted the Cooperative Investment application to Travel Alberta on behalf of the Golden Triangle members on Oct. 13.

· Working on the new Quality Management Plan for the Alberta Safety Codes Council.

· Working on the Budget and other required financial plans.

· Working on progress reports for the Canada Community Revitalization Fund grant.

· The UCP released its new cabinet on Oct. 21.

Operations And Infrastructure

· Asphalt contractors have completed this year’s pavement repairs.

· The arena ice is wrapping up and will be open to the public on Oct. 24.

· PW has started with preparations for the holiday season, including lite up, as time allows.

· PW and water plant operators are working on sanitary lagoon maintenance items.


· Councillor Bob Clermont reported on a Community Matters meeting. Changing the speed limits in residential areas to 30 km/hr was discussed.

· Councillor Jeff Goebel reported on participating in the recording of a video about policies on Oct. 26 for the Alberta Library Trustees Association to be used in a series of webinars.

· Councillor Liz Krawiec reported on a change in the national Community Futures program; the designation of “youth” now includes people up to 34 years old.

-Community Futures Yellowhead East completed a strategic planning session.

Councillor Krawiec also reported on an Economic Development Committee/Working Group meeting on Oct. 17. They are looking for ideas and suggestions about what they should work on next.

· Councillor Terry Kuyek reported on a GROWTH Alberta meeting on Oct. 13 in Ft. Assiniboine. They are discussing inviting stakeholders to a meeting in January to discuss the needs and priorities of current and potential members and what they would like to see from their Regional Economic Development Alliance (GROWTH Alberta).

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette