Town reminds residents to watch for flashing green lights

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If you're a long-time resident of the area, you've probably seen a vehicle approaching from behind with a flashing green light on the dashboard.

For many new residents, the flashing green light may not be so familiar.

The Town is reminding residents that a flashing green light in a vehicle means there is a volunteer firefighter heading to the station or possibly directly to the site of an emergency.

The Highway Traffic Act of 1990, allows firefighters to display a flashing green light when responding to emergencies. The use of flashing green lights on or in vehicles is restricted to the Ontario fire service. Adoption of its use is strictly voluntary.

As personal vehicles with flashing lights, this is meant to convey a sense of urgency to other drivers - this does not give the vehicle driver the right to speed or go through red lights.

However the public is asked to be considerate of vehicles approaching with a flashing green light and yield to such vehicles when they are able to do so.

Firefighters driving to the station or an emergency are required to follow all the regular rules of the road when travelling to the location.

In emergency situations, time is everything, and a few minutes can make the difference between life and death.

If you see a vehicle approaching from behind with a flashing green light, you can help speed up the process of getting rescue vehicles on the road by pulling over if it is safe to do so.

When at a four-way stop or similar intersection, allowing a vehicle with a flashing green light to proceed before you do, means help will get to the emergency location sooner.

Remember that when first responders are going to an emergency, it may be your house, or a friend or family member that needs assistance.

By yielding and giving way to vehicles with flashing green lights you may be helping to save the life of someone you know.

Brian Lockhart, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, New Tecumseth Times

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