Town rolling out modernized commercial waste bins

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The rollout of the modernized waste collection system is ongoing and 316 additional commercial bins are still required.

Administration presented a report on the commercial bins to council during the standing committee meeting on March 23.

“The rollout has been really well done because of the amount of information that the businesses that have had them have experienced. I look forward to the rest of the rollout and these bins are certainly welcomed,” said Coun. Dewly Nelson.

“I look forward to seeing how much waste it prevents from going into our parks and trees and ditches, this time of year we’re really reminded of that. The ability to lock them makes a huge difference in a lot of ways.”

Sixty-four six-yard front load commercial bins were ordered in late October, and an additional twenty four-yard plastic bins were ordered on Nov. 13, 2020, all with auto locking mechanisms. Moving forward approximately 316 additional front load bins are still required.

The report stated that commercial customers currently only have access to the side load three-yard blue bins.

With the modernization of the collection system, all the existing side load three-yard bins will be replaced with new front load bins as the current trucks are being removed from service.

Commercial customers will have the option to choose their size of bins and have locking mechanisms installed.

The old bins did not have auto locking mechanisms creating litter issues from bin lids being left open. Illegal dumping issues included people leaving mattresses, appliances, and construction waste in the private bins, which was not enforceable.

The new bins will be placed on the commercial property in accessible locations to enable the garbage truck to safely access bins and reduce dumping, littler, contamination, and overflowing bins. Commercial bin sizes range from one-yard to six-yard bins and will be picked up weekly.

Restaurants, hotels, and grocery retailers may require up to three pickups per week to reduce odor issues. Multiple pickup days need to be approved by the Town.

Plastic bins are available in two-yard, three-yard, and four-yard, while metal bins are available from one-yard to six-yard.

New metal bins are more aesthetically pleasing and both bins have an estimated life cycle of over 20 years, stated the report.

The locking mechanisms supplied for the plastic and metal bins both have automated lid mechanisms that release while opening, but each customer may supply their own lock to restrict access to their bins.

Restricting access to their bins can reduce overflowing bins and illegal dumping.

Apartment buildings, mobile home parks, condominiums, and fourplexes could have the auto lock installed with locks, but the report suggested that this could create challenges for the residents to access the bins.

Each resident would have to be shown how to access the bins, to lock and unlock the auto lock mechanism, and the Town does not recommend installing locks for these customers.

It would be up to the property manager to educate their tenants on how to access the bins.

The commercial capital bin replacement was approved by Council in the 2020/2022 capital budget in the amount of $530,000. Council approved the modernization of the waste collection system and the continuation of providing services to residential and commercial customers as per full cost recovery.

Masha Scheele, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Hinton Voice