Town setting up shop at historic train station

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The Town of Sexsmith will have additional office space at the train station across from the town office.

Office space is currently low due to social distancing requirements, and the mayor and council lack space at the office to meet residents, said Mayor Kate Potter.

Council considered renting office space at the train station on a temporary or permanent basis to increase available office space to the town. Mayor Potter said the space is at least as large as the council chambers.

The rental may be helpful to the Sexsmith and District Museum Society by generating revenue to the group for the currently vacant space, according to administration.

Coun. Isak Skjaveland’s motion to rent the space for $500 per month and a one-time setup cost of up to $1,500 was carried unanimously.

Council also advanced a new Parks Bylaw giving the public works superintendent more authority to govern town parks.

The Park Bylaw was originally enacted in 2010, said CAO Rachel Wueschner. Currently, many actions in parks need council approval.

Under the tabled amendments, the superintendent rather than council could license use of the parks.

The superintendent would also set regulations for appropriate use of the parks, a responsibility that currently falls to council.

Councillors Bruce Black and Jonathan Siggelkow’s motions for first readings were carried unopposed.

One more reading is needed before passage.

Brad Quarin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News