Town of Wakaw January Council Minutes

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The regular meeting of the Council of the Town of Wakaw was held on Wednesday January 13, 2021 in Council Chambers located at 121 Main St. Wakaw, Sk. Council members present included Mayor Steve Skoworodko and Councillors Iris Fleming, Michael Markowski, Rob Michayluk, Terry Ostafichuk, Chad Parenteau, and Mike Romanchuk. CAO Terrence Schneider was also in attendance. Mayor Skoworodko and CAO Schneider were present in chambers while all the councillors were in attendance via electronic means. Mayor Skoworodko called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting opened with the presentation of the agenda and Cllr. Ostafichuk moved that the agenda be adopted as presented. Crd.

The minutes of the December council meeting were read and with no business arising from those minutes, Cllr. Markowski moved that the minutes of the regular meeting of council, dated December 9, 2020 be approved as presented. Crd.

Next on the agenda, CAO Schneider presented the statement of financial activities for the month of December to which Cllr. Michayluk moved that the Statement of Financial Activities for the month of December 2020, be approved as presented. Crd.

Five items of correspondence had been received and were brought to the attention of council: Agriculture Producers of Saskatchewan (APAS) regarding the Rural Connectivity Task Force; Saskatchewan Public Safety regarding Mandate/Preparedness/Response; Statistics Canada regarding the 2021 census; Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance regarding member acknowledgement; and the Saskatchewan Construction Association regarding supporting local economic activity. Cllr. Parenteau moved that the correspondence be accepted as information. Crd.

CAO Schneider presented the Accounts Payable and Cllr. Fleming moved that the accounts in the amount of $225,366.76 be authorized for payment and attached too the minutes. Crd. (*Note these accounts are attached to the official minutes of the Council.)

At 7:30 p.m. Foreman Gaetan Vachon entered the chambers and presented his report and departed chambers at 8:05 p.m. with no motions or actions being required. Being that there were no other reports, nor any old business needing to be dealt with council proceeded with the new business.

After council had reviewed the applications for Transit Van Operator, Cllr. Parenteau moved that Paul Danis be appointed Permanent Part Time Transit Van Operator and that Dale Andreen be appointed as a Relief Transit Van Operator. Crd.

Cllr. Ostafichuk moved that Bylaw No. 1/21, a Bylaw to Repeal Bylaws: 3/11 regarding shooting of crows; 9/04 regarding 911 Dispatch services with City of Prince Albert; and 2/1982 regarding the Wapiti Regional Library be repealed and given first reading. Crd. Cllr. Fleming then moved that Bylaw 1/21 be given second reading. Crd. Cllr. Parenteau moved that Bylaw 1/21 be presented for third and final reading at this meeting of council. Crd. Unanimously. Cllr. Romanchuk moved that Bylaw 1/21 be given third and final reading. Crd. The Bylaws impacted by Bylaw 1/21 namely: 3/11 regarding the shooting of crows is governed by Environment Nuisance Wildlife Control Permit; 9/04 regarding 911 Dispatch Services with the City of Prince Albert which has now been replaced by the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency Agreement; and 2/1982 regarding Wapiti Regional Library was replaced by Bylaw 11/97.

Cllr. Michayluk moved that the Town of Wakaw agree to acquire dispatching services provided by the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency for fire services, as per the agreement dated December 1, 2020. Crd.

Cllr. Romanchuk motioned that Council records no objection to Permit #2554-05-01 To Operate Water Works, as provided by Mahdi Kowsari, Environment Officer with the Water Security Agency. Crd.

In regards to the Water Quality Records review dated December, 2020, Cllr. Romanchuk moved that council acknowledge the review of the water quality records. Crd.

The next item on the agenda was the terms of use agreement with the Wakaw Fitness Club. Cllr. Michayluk moved that council approve the continued use of the Town Fitness Centre located at 209-1stStreet North by the “Wakaw Fitness Club” rent free for a term of 3 years effective January 1, 2021. Crd.

The Lakeview Pioneer Lodge Infrastructure agreement being up for review/renewal, Cllr. Michayluk moved that the Lakeview Pioneer Lodge January 4, 2021 5-year Infrastructure Funding request of $10,250.00 for the years 2021-2025 be accepted as presented. Crd. Also pertaining to the Lakeview Pioneer Lodge, Cllr. Parenteau moved that the Lakeview Pioneer Lodge January 4,2021 COVID Funding request for $6000.00 be approved, subject to receiving a project proposal for the use of these funds from the Lakeview Pioneer Lodge. Crd.

Cllr. Fleming moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8:15 p.m. Crd.

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Wakaw Recorder