Township of Perry talks Park-to-Park, economic development and firefighter recruits

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At its March 3 meeting, the Township of Perry’s council discussed several items.

Here are quotes from key topics at the meeting.

On Park-to-Park trail association

“In the future they’re going to be asking for somebody from our area to actually come and sit on the board again like we were in the past,” said Mayor Norm Hofstetter.

“People paid $220 for a trail pass for a snowmobile and they’d only get to use that for eight weeks — they buy an ATV and ride it for six months, seven months and they pay $150 for the fee, and I think that’s where a lot of the problem lies, there’s not nearly enough money coming in from ATV use to start repairing the trails so I think moving forward they’re looking at all aspects on how to create revenue again,” said Hofstetter.

On the Township of Perry Library

“I just wanted to say that we’re still under curbside pickup and depending on how COVID goes now that they’ve changed regulations to the first sign of a symptom … that could affect us but hopefully not. Things seem to be going well there,” said Coun. Margaret Ann MacPhail.

On Almaguin Community Economic Development

“We just had this brand strategy, we have the final report on that it went really well, they were impressed with all the community input,” said MacPhail, adding that the new logo was user-friendly and looks very nice.

On new firefighter recruits

“ … There is now a waiting list for young recruits wanting to start in Perry Township. There’s 21 new people have signed on throughout the five departments and Perry has a waiting list of people waiting to get on to the fire department now,” said Hofstetter.

“We also have one of our board members is going to be one of the new recruits, so we have somebody who’s in our township that’s a female who’s going to be recruit,” said MacPhail.

The Township of Perry’s next council meeting will be held virtually on March 17.

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