Toxic foam pollutes India's sacred Yamuna River

Toxic foam covers the surface of the Yamuna River in New Delhi on Friday (November 9).

Authorities in the Indian capital have struggled to cope with extreme pollution in recent weeks.

Writes the filmer: "The images appear to show a snow-covered river. The reality is that stretches of one of India’s most sacred rivers, the Yamuna, are covered with toxic foam caused by industrial waste.

"The situation has become so grave that not only the air [but] even the water bodies situated in Delhi such as the Yamuna River near the Kalindi Kunj area have become completely toxic.

"Recently, scores of helpless devotees on the occasion of [Hindu festival] Chhath Puja were forced to offer prayers to the sun god by immersing themselves in the toxic foam present inside the river Yamuna during the four-day long festival."