The Toyota EPU Concept Is a Maverick-Sized EV

toyota epu pick up truck concept
The Toyota EPU Concept Is a Maverick-Sized EVToyota

The Ford Maverick has made a splash with its very modern take on what a mini truck could be, but the car has not exactly inspired a wave of immediate competitors adding beds to compact crossovers. The Toyota EPU, an EV truck concept shown at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, looks ready to change that very soon.

Like the Land Cruiser Se the brand also brought to the Japan Mobility Show, the EPU's announcement comes with precious few details. We know the truck is a battery electric vehicle built in a monocoque construction with four doors, a stylish shape, and a bed directly integrated into the body of the truck itself. Past that, we only have the dimensions (200 inches long, 75 inches wide, and 67 inches tall, with a 132-inch wheelbase) and the five-passenger capacity to go off. Those measurements put the EPU squarely in the Maverick's size class, although that truck is slightly narrower and slightly taller.

Unlike the Land Cruiser concept, the EPU looks pretty close to production ready right now. Real side-view mirrors are a big giveaway, as is the straightforward shape. Interior photos do show a questionable yoke in place of a steering wheel, although it is less complex than the "NEO Steer" yoke concept the brand is also showing at the event.

Toyota has not shared any details about pricing, powertrain options, or capabilities on a theoretical production EPU. For now, this is just an interesting look at another way the brand can expand its already-massive range of trucks and SUVs as it finally dives into the world of EVs.

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