Toyota Land Cruiser 300-series gets a Liberty Walk makeover

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The Toyota Land Cruiser might be dead in the U.S. after 2021, but the next-generation 300-series is a hot commodity in the rest of the world, with a confluence of demand and microchip shortages swelling the waiting list to four years in some regions. Of course, with any car this popular, it was only a matter of time before a tuning house came out with an over-the-top styling package.

In this case that tuner is Japan's Liberty Walk, who has been responsible for slamming and putting wide body kits on everything from Nissan Skylines to Ferraris, Mustangs to Lamborghinis. Their signature look is so pervasive in the aftermarket world that Dodge even put one of their LB Performance stickers on a Dodge Demon mule when they were testing the car.

The Liberty Walk Land Cruiser widens the SUV considerably with massive wheel arches. It's not clear if the vents attached to them are functional, but the flares themselves are — in Japan, any car with tires wider than the vehicle's bodywork immediately fails the country's notoriously stringent roadworthiness inspections. These are necessary to make the gargantuan split-spoke wells street legal.

The front fascia has been reworked with an air-dam-esque aero kit with LED fog lights at the lower corners. The look is more sports car than SUV, a theme that continues to the side skirts and a rear bumper, where a diffuser-style lower section is flanked by trapezoidal exhaust finishers. Liberty Walk offers its own grille, which replaces the Helvetica "TOYOTA" with the company's own name, as well as a carbon-fiber hood. The rear can be optioned with two spoilers, one at the roofline and one just below the rear glass.

It might seem that the body cladding would negatively affect the approach and departure angles of the Land Cruiser, but it's doubtful anyone springing for this kit would take it off-road anyway. The cheapest option, which includes the front and rear aero kits and widened fenders, will run you $6,270. Get everything you see here, including the hood and wheels, and the price balloons to $19,580. If you need to have your new Land Cruiser stand out from the crowd, this is definitely one way to do it.

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