TPL begins Summer Reading Program

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With kids no longer in school due to summer vacation, there are many opportunities for them to enjoy these months they have off. One of these opportunities that will also help to keep them mentally active is the Summer Reading Program at the Taber Public Library. Keira Astalos and Kadence Ridley, the Summer Reading Program Coordinators, gave a rundown of what is planned for this year‘s program.

“Basically, it’s a program for ages six to 12 and it is kind of just to spark your children’s mind about reading and get them interested in it,” said Astalos. “We have some challenges for them and you can win some prizes if you read a certain amount of books.”

“We have a lot of games to win prizes too and lots of crafts for the kids to take home,” Ridley added. “We like to call our games physical literacy. Lots of different things for the kids to do this summer. We separated the two groups of kids from ages six to nine and 10 to 12.”

“We have some field trips to the spray park, we have a field trip to the fire station, some movie days, so it’s not just reading at some other games and crafts for the summer,” said Astalos.

“Most of the time the kids probably won’t be reading at the program,” said Ridley. “We read to them, but there’s lots of opportunities for them to do their own individual reading.”

Ridley talked about why parents would be interested in signing their kids up.

“It’s a space where your kids are safe and they’re getting a lot of fun during the summer,” said Ridley. “They’re not sitting at home, they’re not playing in the streets, but they’re at the library. They’re getting to be mentally stimulated a lot during the summer, help them get reading more because a lot of kids don’t like reading over the summer so this will kind of keep their brains engaged for school.”

“Yeah, it promotes it in a fun way,” said Astalos.

Ridley shifted gears and began to discuss why kids would be interested in being part of the Summer Reading Program this year.

“It’s a good way to make friends,” said Ridley. “ There’s going to be a lot of different kids from all the different schools across town. I know there are a lot of elementary school kids who don’t mingle outside of their school community, and this is a great way for them to get to know more things, we’re going to give them a lot of interesting facts. Our theme this year is once upon a time — it’s very magical and very fun.”

Astalos went into a bit more detail about the field trips that the kids will be taking part in.

“They’re just so we can get outside on a nice hot day — we don’t want to be stuck at the building,” said Astalos. “We also have the courtyard attached to the library that we’re going to do a lot of outdoor activities as well, but instead of just doing a craft inside or something, it gives you an opportunity to go and promote the spray park and use the spray park.”

“We also got a trip planned for both of our groups to do fire station tours at the new fire station,” said Ridley. “They used to do them at the old fire station. Our kids came in and got to see the mascot, we showed them around all the different areas of the fire station, and give them a sticker. It’s just a fun way to let them know more about the community.”

The program is free for all and the next wave of registration will be opening near the end of July.

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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