Trader Joe’s Just Brought Back the Bakery Item Shoppers 'Leave With a Stack Of'

These are an egg-cellent way to usher in spring.

<p>Trader Joes</p>

Trader Joes

Trader Joe's snack game is always on point, and its most recent product launches are no exception. Its Hold the Cone waffle cone tips have shoppers raving that they taste "so good!" The Pizza Party Potato Chips are so irresistible that you may "eat the entire bag." And the Brookie Caramel Candy Clusters should come with a "danger" warning label they are so delicious.

Now, the grocery chain has a seasonal bakery item that may have some of the most positive social media raves we've ever seen, and that's saying something.

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Mousse Eggs

Nothing ushers in spring like an egg-shaped confection. From Cadbury to Reese's to Andes, it seems like every candy brand wants a piece of the chocolate-egg action this season. Trader Joe's may have them all beat with its Chocolate Mousse Eggs that have returned to its bakery department for the spring season.

Instagram's trader_joes_treasure_hunt posted photos of the treats that make you want to reach right into your screen and grab one of the "velvety chocolate cakes layered with rich chocolate mousse & finished in sweet confectionary coating," as the caption described them. "SO good..Add to cart!"

Surprisingly, we couldn't find a single naysayer about these creamy cake eggs in the comment section.

"The best!" commented one of the account's followers. "I try to talk everyone I know into these," said another. And the praise keeps on coming: "These are one of my favorite things in life!!" and "I always leave with a stack of these." Comments like these have us scouring our calendar to see when we can get to Trader Joe's to grab these cakes, which, according to the Instagram thread, are found in the bakery section.

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