Trader Joe's Just Released New Spring Products & These Are The Best Ones

trader joes spring products
The Best Trader Joe's Products To Buy This SpringAlison Dominguez

When the seasons change, our favorite grocery stores launch new products, and we're always keeping our eyes out for TJ's spring refresh. We scoured the internet and tuned into the store's podcast to pinpoint some of the new and returning products expected to hit shelves at Trader Joe's. From sweet breakfast treats to snacks and appetizers, there's a little something no matter what you're craving.

Looking for more spring cooking inspo? We've got plenty of bright spring salads, savory spring chicken recipes, and lots of satisfying spring desserts to keep you busy in the kitchen.

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

What could be better than caramel ice cream with a silky dulce de leche swirl? Get it while you can because this new pint is only available for a limited time.

trader joe's dulce de leche ice cream on top of pieces of chocolate mini sheet cake, and caramel sauce drizzle
Trader Joe's

Raspberry Croissant Carré

Is it a croissant or a cake? Trader Joe's Raspberry Croissant Carré features laminated dough and a tart raspberry filling just waiting to be eaten for breakfast.

trader joes raspberry croissant
Trader Joe's

Calamansi & Mango Sorbet

Nothing beats a refreshing dessert as the weather warms up and the new limited Calamansi & Mango Sorbet is just that.

Trader Joe's

Papas Rellenas

A staple across Latin America and the Caribbean, papas rellenas have different regional variations. Seasoned ground beef and diced onions and bell peppers are rolled into balls of mashed potatoes for a crispy and tasty treat.

trader joes papas rellenas
Trader Joe's Company

Mini Chocolate Chip Croissant Swirls

Can't decide between a chocolate chip cookie and a croissant? These mini swirls are everything you need.

trader joe's ready to bake mini croissant swirls stacked in baking pan next to crock of cream cheese frosting some swirls frosted, one has a bite
Trader Joe's

Piquant Popcorn

This new TJ's snack is seasoned with nutritional yeast, onion, garlic, and sea salt. This savory popcorn has a touch of cheesiness due to the nutritional yeast.

trader joe's piquant popcon shown in a bowl and scattered on surface along with pieces of yellow onion, garlic powder, salt and nutrtional yeast
Trader Joe's

Cheery Lemon Animal Crackers

These aren't just regular frosted animal crackers. They're coated in a lemony yogurt and topped with sprinkles.

cheery lemon animal crackers
Trader Joe's

Jalapeño & Cream Cheese Crispy Wontons

Enter the perfect appetizer for your next party. These wontons are stuffed with cream cheese, parmesan, and diced jalapeños. Pop them in the oven or air fryer and you're ready to go.

trader joes jalapeno cream cheese crispy wontons
Trader Joe's

Strawberry Overnight Oats

Overnight oats make a great breakfast or snack. This version is flavored with strawberry puree and juice.

trader joes strawberry overnight oats
Trader Joe's

Peas & Carrots Sour Gummy Candies

Not a veggie fan? These peas and carrots are actually citrus-flavored candy. And they're only available for a limited time.

peas and carrots gummies
Trader Joe's

Hold The Cone Tips

An ice cream cone with no ice cream? They're just like the crowd-favorite Hold the Cone! Mini Ice Cream Cones, but without the ice cream, which makes them the perfect sweet treat on the go.

hold the cone tips
Trader Joe's

Chocolatey Drizzled Strawberry Kettle Popcorn

Drizzles with chocolate and freeze-dried strawberries, this popcorn is ideal for snacking or dessert. It's also available for a limited time.

chocolatey drizzled strawberry kettle popcorn
Trader Joe's

Joe's Os Cereal Bars

Made with the classic Joe's Os cereal, peanut butter, and peanuts, these bars are sweet, salty, and crunchy.

joes os cereal bars
Trader Joe's

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