Was trading for Kevin Durant reckless for the Suns’ future? | Good Word with Goodwill

Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill and Jake Fischer explain why the Suns trading for Durant could have negative consequences for the franchise down the road.

Video Transcript


VINCENT GOODWILL: Is it wise to have a lower level of expectations or is it fair just to have higher expectations because you got Devin Booker and you got Kevin Durant and you got a Western Conference that looks wide open?

JAKE FISCHER: Well, the ques-- the question you're asking, I-- Yeah, I'm skeptical that it's going to come together so so quickly. But, I mean, they asked for this. When you trade for first round picks and Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson and Jae Crowder, who just got to basically walk to Milwaukee after all that. Like he wasn't playing for them this season but he started for them in the Finals two years ago. That's a big haul. It's a borderline reckless trade to--

VINCENT GOODWILL: Whoah! Reckless?

JAKE FISCHER: --all that out. It's a borderline reckless trade. I'm not saying it's not worth it. But the ramifications are potentially disastrous if you find out whether it's this playoff season, whether it's over the off-season, whether it's early next year that Chris Paul is basically ineffective moving forward, if Kevin Durant has another knee injury, which he's had each of the last two seasons, which both ended up preempting some type of trade request from an All-Star caliber teammate. Like literally the same MCL injury happened and then James Harden requested a trade. And then flash forward a year later, MCL injury. Nets start to go down and there were some contract stuff that happened but that preempted Kyrie's--

VINCENT GOODWILL: Wait, wait. OK, OK. No, I get you. I get you. I won't stop it. Don't lose your thought. Don't lose your socks. I got a question for you. I got a question for you. So, framing this in terms of Anthony Davis and the Lakers. If you are Rob Pelinka and all those guys way back when, is the one championship worth all that you gave up to get Anthony Davis?

JAKE FISCHER: So the conventional thought is yes, it is. Then again, everyone I know--

VINCENT GOODWILL: What's your thought? Don't give me conventional thinking, this is your thought.

JAKE FISCHER: Everyone I know with the Lakers, the last 2 and 1/2 years, they've been stressed out of their minds. They don't say, you know what? We won a title though, like it was all worth it. There-- building an NBA team, especially at these stakes when you're competing for the title and you're throwing out. I mean, you can't-- you can't compete for a championship without maximum money on your roster. So you're already hamstrung in terms of all the cards you have that are in your hand that you can play at any given moment.

Like, when you mortgage any little exit ramp you have or opportunities, you're left with Milwaukee-- I mean, the Bucks got lucky that Kevin Durant requested a trade and Jae Crowder ended up-- they had to pay five second round picks to get him, which is another absurd price. It was a creative way to get it. But like, when you go this far in and then you don't reach that level again, your options of continuing to improve and add and tweak and make this thing what you thought it would be there are limited.