Traditional dolls from all 3 territories showcased in Iqaluit

Traditional dolls from all three northern territories are on display at Nunavut's Legislative Assembly in Iqaluit.

The dolls highlight different cultures across the north and range in size and style.

"These dolls are coming from the Canadian Arctic, the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut and they're made from either skins: caribou skin, seal skins or other types of hide as well," said Cindy Rennie, public affairs officer with the legislative assembly.

Helen Bananoff, visiting from Yellowknife, said she was very excited to see the display.

"It's a real tribute that people are still making the dolls and that people still think that's important," Balanoff said.

"A lot of the dolls that are around are western or southern designs and I think it's wonderful that people still made traditional style dolls that people can relate to."

The display is open to the public during business hours Monday to Friday until March 22.

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