Traffic Crawls as Bison Saunters on Yellowstone Road

A bison was filmed snarling traffic as it walked on a road in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, footage shared on September 23 shows.

Renee Passey Sanger says she recorded this video near Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic Spring on Labor Day.

According to the National Park Service, Yellowstone’s bison are “so accustomed to cars and asphalt roads that they seem to know the right-of-way.”

“Driving slowly behind a group of bison plodding along a two-lane road, you can certainly maneuver around them whenever it’s safe.” the NPS wrote, adding, “Be patient for bison to make their way off the road, or just simply go around them, but please save the honking for the city.” Credit: Renee Passey Sanger via Storyful

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