Traffic study to be conducted for Essex County Road 20, from Texas to CR 3

A traffic study will investigate the effectiveness of speed reductions and other traffic calming measures to ensure vehicular and pedestrian traffic on County Road 20, from Texas Road to Essex County Road 3, are being managed in a safe and efficient manner.

At the May 15, 2024 regular meeting of Essex County Council, Amherstburg Deputy Mayor Chris Gibb presented this matter as a Notice of Motion. It was officially presented at the June 5 meeting.

Amherstburg Council directed Gibb and Mayor Michael Prue to ask the County of Essex to conduct the traffic study.

At the June 12 County Council meeting, Gibb told fellow members of Essex County Council the Amherstburg municipal reps cited growth in the region, densification along this road, and speed as reasons for the study.

There is also no streetlighting on the northern-end of the County Road, “which may or may not lead to dangerous traffic conditions,” Gibb said.

Prue added that Amherstburg Council may not necessarily be looking for speed reductions, though that may be a suggestion coming out of the investigation.

There have been several major accidents in the last year or two, Prue added.

Allan Botham, Director of Infrastructure and Planning, indicated the direction was noted.

Sylene Argent, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Essex Free Press