Trailside Café moving to Charlottetown in 2020

The owners of the Trailside Music Café and Inn announced Friday that the popular music venue will be relocating to Charlottetown in the new year.

The venue, currently located in Mount Stewart, P.E.I., has been host to intimate shows featuring local and international talent for the past nine years under the ownership of Pat and Meghann Deighan. 

The new Art Hotel on Kent Street in Charlottetown will serve as the music spot's new home, allowing for the venue to increase its capacity from about 70 guests to 150. The business will be on the ground floor of the building.

In addition to a new location, the business will also be getting a new name: the Trailside Music Hall. 

Travis Kingdon/CBC

While Pat Deighan said he's excited for what lies ahead for the Trailside, he said the move to Charlottetown will be "bittersweet."

"We're very happy with everything, but we've finally hit our ceiling," he said. 

"We loved it out there. We were just kind of kids when we broke into like owning this business and I mean we never did anything like this before."

The new location will be operated year-round, Deighan said. In addition to music, he said he hopes to be able to offer comedy shows and even potentially rent the venue out for weddings and other events. 

Trailside Cafe

The building in Mount Stewart is now up for sale, Deighan said. The pair have already had a few prospective buyers approach them, he said. 

Deighan said he is curious to see who the torch will be passed onto next. 

"I'd like to see someone like ourselves, eight or nine years ago, who has a bit of a dream and would like to try something new and try and see if they could tackle it," he said. 

The Trailside Music Hall is expected to be open on May 1, with Tara MacLean and Dennis Ellsworth playing the first show. 

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