Train Hits Colorado Police Vehicle With Woman Handcuffed Inside

Video released by Colorado’s Fort Lupton Police Department shows the moment a train crashed into a police car with a detained woman inside on September 16, as the vehicle sat on railroad tracks.

The woman, Yareni Rios-Gonzalez, sustained “serious bodily injuries” and was taken to a local hospital to be treated, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. The bureau said Rios-Gonzalez was expected to survive.

Fort Lupton Police said in a statement that officers assisted in stopping the woman in a “high-risk” traffic stop and placed her into the back of a Platteville Police Department car. Then, “within a matter of seconds,” the patrol car was struck by a train.

Bodycam and dashcam footage released by the police department shows officers approaching Rios-Gonzalez with at least one gun drawn, and ordering her to put her hands up and exit her car.

Rios-Gonzalez can be heard repeatedly asking officers why she was being arrested. An officer placed her in the back seat of a patrol car, before searching Rios-Gonzalez’s vehicle. While officers searched the car, a train horn can be heard in the distance.

One officer standing by the patrol car where Rios-Gonzalez was sitting backed away, and another officer could be heard yelling, “Stay back", before the train collides with the car.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation said it was “actively investigating” the incident. Credit: Fort Lupton Police Department via Storyful

Video Transcript




- I'm right behind you, Vasquez. I'm going to your passenger side. Just got stopped at 3461 at gun point.

- Driver. Let me see your hand. Let me see your hands. Put your hands out the window. Put your phone down. Put the phone down. Put both hands out the window. Both hands out.

- [INAUDIBLE] at 346. We're giving commands. Her hands are out the window at this time.

- Open the door. With your right hand, open the door. With your right hand, open the door. Come on out. [BLEEP] Can you hear me?

- She can't hear us. Over.

- Yeah.

- Put your hands up. Come on out. [INAUDIBLE] out of the truck.

- [INAUDIBLE] 346 she's out of the vehicle. Hands are visible.

- Who else is in the car with you?

- [BLEEP] these bugs.


- Yep.

- You want to go to this side?

- Yeah. Vasquez, hey.

- Put your hands up. Turn around. Turn around-- turn around! Put your hands up higher. I want you to set your phone down, and then you drop. You don't need it. We can leave it on. Come on back. Keep coming back. Keep your hands up, keep coming back. Keep coming back to the sound of my voice. Keep coming back, keep coming back. Keep coming back, keep coming back. Stop right there. Get down on one knee, and then the other.

- I got cross. Good? Keep your hands above your head.

- Don't move.

- What's going on? Why am I being [INAUDIBLE]?

- We'll explain everything in a second.

- Can I get my cell phone, please? No one else is in the truck, sir. Can I please get my cell phone?

- We'll get it for you. Stand up.

- Where are you taking me?

- We're taking you to the car. Come on.

- Why? What--

- Do you have anything on you that's going to poke me, stick me, hurt me?

- No, ma'am. But can I please get my cell phone?

- We'll get your cell phone in a second. Is there any weapons in the car?

- No, ma'am. There's nothing on me.

- There's no weapons in the car?

- No, ma'am. What's going on? Ma'am, what's going on?

- I'll tell you in a second.

- I'm so confused. Can I get my cell phone?

- I will get your cell phone for you. Take a seat.

- I got your right shoulder. I see a car seat. Clear. Let's get the bed. Yeah, you drop it. I'll hold it across. Clear. Dispatch look in 348. Vehicle has cleared. Here's the channel.

- Took her a long time to pull over.

- I got a holster right here in the passenger seat.

- I just-- it took her a very long time to pull over. It took her a very long time to pull over. I'm going--

- Did you see her toss anything?

- She could have because it took her a long time to pull over. I got to put this rifle away and come back.

- All right.

- She could have because when I was behind her, she was driving slow enough, so she could have tossed something back--

- Tossed it out the window?

- She could have, out of that window. But-- who is-- is that her?


- No that's--

- Car!

- [BLEEP] Oh my God.



- Move your car! Stay back!

- 346, patrol car was just hit by a train. Dispatch, subject 346, get us medical emergency, the suspect was in the vehicle that was hit by the train.


- Watch the fence. There may still be a firearm in the vehicle. I don't know if you guys have been through it yet.

- We haven't.

- You got it?

- I got a holster here. No, we have not gone through it.

- We weren't sure if she threw it or if it's still hidden in the vehicle somewhere. It took her a long time to pull over. And Platteville said he did not see anything leave the vehicle.

- Right now I just need to find out who she is so we can deal with that aspect of it. I've got [INAUDIBLE].

- Here's a [INAUDIBLE].

- Can you hear that?

- No, I didn't hear that.

- There's a round over there in the door.

- OK. That's her.


We got a date of birth on there?

- That's what I was looking for.

- I know you know what you're doing. I was just thinking out loud.

- I'll let you look at that. I'll keep looking for the other stuff.

- Check the center console?

- Do what?

- Check the center console [INAUDIBLE].

- Well, we need to find her ID. So her ID could be in the console. There's your gun.