Highway 7 partially re-opened after crash closure between Fredericton and Saint John

A section of Highway 7 between Fredericton and Saint John has re-opened in one lane in each direction after it was closed when a transport truck hit a concrete median late Saturday night. 

Police say the accident happened at 11:10 p.m. at the approach to the Welsford bypass 70 kilometres from Fredericton. 

Welsford Volunteer Fire Department chief David MacCready said when firefighters arrived the transport truck hauling a load of dry goods was sitting on top of the median. 

"There was a significant amount of damage to the transport truck and trailer as well as significant amount of various fluids covering the highway which was one of the reasons why the highway was shut down because of the amount of fluid on the highway," he said. 

Cleanup continues

MacCready said engine oil, transmission oil and other fluids leaked from the transport truck after the accident. 

RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Alice Desroches said crews were working to clear the mess from the accident from the northbound lane. 

"We had a crew on the scene until a quarter to ten this morning and that was because they were trying to get the truck and trailer off the median," said MacCready. "The towing company had to do a little bit of rearranging to the undercarriages and things like that."

The fire chief added with all the oils and fluids on the ground, the fire department stood by while the cutting was done, "in case there were any flare ups." 

Police said the driver sustained non-life threatening injuries and was taken to hospital by Ambulance New Brunswick..

"He was alert and conscious on scene," said MacCready. 

While RCMP continue to investigate the cause of the accident, the fire chief says the highway will remain down to one lane in each direction for three or four hours as clean up continues.

"There's going to be a fair amount of digging and excavation to make sure fluids are dug up and properly disposed of."

MacCready said staff from the Department of Environment were on scene assessing the cleanup. 

"As far as the roadway goes, we are going to be asking drivers to exercise caution in the area for the next week or so with the weather that's coming because...what's left of the oil, the residue on the road, sand and stuff will become slippery once it's wet."