Transportation company fined $48K after worker badly burned on face, arm

A Winnipeg-based transportation company has been fined almost $50,000 after an employee badly burned his face and arm on the job.

Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health fined Maxim Transportation after it pleaded guilty last month to a charge of failing to ensure the safety of its worker.

The employee was injured almost three years ago while using a blow torch to cut a hole in an improperly-labelled metal barrel that hadn't been emptied of its flammable contents.

When he pierced the top of the barrel, flames shot out of the hole and burned the worker's face and arm, the province said in a news release on Thursday.

Maxim was ordered to pay $48,750 in fines and surcharges after pleading guilty.

Workplace Safety and Health is reminding employers to ensure workplaces are safe and employees are properly trained.