Trash is treasure at the Last Resort Reuse Centre

A new recycling project in the Valley is testing the theory that one's man trash is another man's treasure.

The Valley Waste Resource Management has initiated a pilot project inspired by dumpster diving and yard sale pillaging.

The company is rescuing items from the trash, like used coffee tables, books and tools, and selling them before they reach the landfill.

The collection will be sold at the Last Resort Reuse Centre in Kentville every Saturday at 9 a.m. for the next six months.

Keith Irving, chair of the Valley Waste Resource Management board, says the word is spreading around the community.

"We hope to see if we can divert all of these items from the landfill," Irving, a councillor in Wolfville, said.

As co-ordinator for the centre, Alan Barkhouse combs over piles at the landfill four times a day to salvage items. He says finding the goods is exciting.

"It felt like the first time I caught a trout," he said.

"Everyday is surprise."

The board is funding the six-month pilot program for about $20,000 and hopes to break even. Money is also coming from the eight valley communities that use the landfill.

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