Travel not recommended on highways around North Battleford, Rosthern, Kindersley

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The Ministry of Highways said some major roads in Saskatchewan were treacherous early Thursday morning.

Bands of snow and freezing rain travelled across the province on Wednesday, leaving several sections of highway unsafe to travel.

Highway Hotline said travel was not recommended on Highway 16 around North Battleford, between Maymont to Maidstone, as well as other roads in the area.

As well, travel was not recommended on Highway 11 from Osler to MacDowall due to zero visibility in the area, as well as icy roads.

Drivers were also asked to stay off Highway 7 from Delisle to Fiske, running through Rosetown.

In southern Saskatchewan, drivers were asked to avoid Highway 21 near Cypress Hills Provincial Park due to drifting snow and icy conditions.

The travel advisories were later expanded to include Highway 2 and Highway 41 around Wakaw.

The Ministry of Highways warned drivers conditions can change rapidly and drivers should remain cautious.