Punishing snow moves into Manitoba, totals skyrocket to 70 cm in Alberta town

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Punishing snow moves into Manitoba, totals skyrocket to 70 cm in Alberta town
Punishing snow moves into Manitoba, totals skyrocket to 70 cm in Alberta town

With the Pacific low tracking further east and pushing snow into northern Ontario, conditions are beginning to ease up on the Prairies. Snow is all but gone in Alberta and it will taper off in Saskatchewan in the overnight hours. However, heavy snow in Manitoba won't subside until Wednesday morning. Coupled with strong winds, this will make for difficult travel. Saskatchewan will also see some blowing snow Wednesday morning, so caution is advised before venturing out on the roads. Parts of western Manitoba may see 20-40 cm of snow before it winds down, with Winnipeg forecast to see 10-20 cm. Meanwhile, the heaviest accumulations were in Alberta, with Kananaskis Country racking up 70 cm of snow so far. More on what's left of the storm and how much snow has fallen so far, below.


  • Snow will ease off in Saskatchewan Tuesday overnight, lingers in Manitoba into Wednesday morning

  • Calgary reports 20-40 cm locally, Kananaskis Country racks up 70 cm, Regina forecast to pick up 20-25 cm

  • Blowing snow will make travel difficult in Saskatchewan, Manitoba through Wednesday morning


Conditions are beginning to improve across the Prairies as the potent Pacific low continues moving into northern Ontario. Snow has ended in Alberta and will taper off in Saskatchewan in the overnight hours.


Meanwhile, heavy snow will continue to fall in Manitoba through Wednesday morning, and coupled with strong winds, will make for dangerous travel as there will be blowing snow and whiteout conditions.

Numerous winter warnings are still in effect for Manitoba.

"Travel is expected to be hazardous due to reduced visibility. If visibility is reduced while driving, turn on your lights and maintain a safe following distance. If you do travel and become lost, remain where you are until the blizzard has passed," Environment Canada says in a blizzard warning for Morden-Winkler-Altona-Morris.

While snow will be long gone in Saskatchewan by Wednesday morning, there will be difficult travel still, due to drifting snow from strong northerly winds gusting to 50-60 km/h.

Conditions will begin to improve in Saskatchewan and Manitoba by the afternoon hours.


Meanwhile, snowfall totals in Alberta have piled up quite high in many areas. By 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Calgary had received 20-40 cm, resulting in dozens of collisions due to the messy and slick travel conditions.


While that total is substantial, it is not nearly the highest amounts received so far. That honour belongs to Kananaskis, which has accumulated 70 cm so far. Pekisko has received 43 cm and Canmore's total has reached 40 cm as of Tuesday morning.

As much as 20-40 cm of snow could fall in parts of western Manitoba, while 10-20 cm is forecast for the Winnipeg area through Wednesday.


"This system will certainly affect travel along major routes through one of the busiest travel times of the year, despite COVID-19 restrictions," says Weather Network meteorologist Nadine Hinds-Powell, adding that the probability for a White Christmas is now "high" for many of these impacted areas.

Thumbnail courtesy of Darren Howard, taken in McKenzie Towne, Alta.

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