Travis Kelce & Patrick Mahomes Reveal Details About Their Steakhouse: 'We Don’t Want To Make It Too Upscale'

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Here's What's On Travis Kelce's Steakhouse MenuRandy Shropshire - Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are more than just teammates-turned-besties. The Chiefs stars announced plans for their new Kansas City steakhouse, 1587 Prime, just last month. And while initial details on the project were sparse, Mahomes himself is finally spilling the tea on what fans and locals can expect.

"Me and Travis have been working on that for awhile. We’re always together. We’re always at these restaurants, and we have a love for bringing people together," the KC QB said in a video, per Fox 4 Kansas City. "We’re going to do whatever we can to continue to bring people together and what better place than Kansas City."

While the new restaurant, which is set to open in 2025 under the Noble 33 umbrella, will have a luxury flair like its Toca Madera and Sparrow Italia counterparts, Mahomes insists that they want to make it an accessible option for everyone. When the reporter joked that it would be a "$15 menu, right," he was quick to clarify.

"I’m sure there will be some things on there that will be $15," he told the local news outlet. "All honesty, though, we thought about that and we don’t want to make it too upscale, too high-priced that not everybody can go."

"So we’re going to make it a place where hopefully Kansas City can call it home, and that everybody can be there and really enjoy it," Mahomes added.

As for what exactly that menu includes, there are two things he promised: ketchup and an Andy Reid Cheeseburger.

"I’ve already seen the menu…a few of my favorites. Ketchup will be there," he joked of his favorite condiment, while adding that they'll "definitely" have an Andy Reid cheeseburger on the menu in a nod to the Chiefs head coach, who celebrated the team's Super Bowl win with a burger. "That'll for sure be on there," he quipped.

"Hopefully we can win some games at Arrowhead Stadium and then we get to go over and have a few drinks and food with it," Mahomes said.

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