'It's like a treasure hunt,' says sea glass artist

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'It's like a treasure hunt,' says sea glass artist

"When I go out picking sea glass it's kind of like a treasure hunt," says Dianna Grenning of Chapel's Cove.

All her life, Grenning has loved picking up the little bits of coloured glass which wash up on beaches around this province.

She collected sea glass as a child growing up in Notre Dame Bay, and now she goes on glass collecting missions in Conception Bay with her two young sons.

Most of the pieces she finds are flat and jagged, which Grenning said work well in mosaic-style wall art.

She incorporates the glass into Newfoundland scenes, such as clotheslines and row houses.

Grenning said she plans to get her entire family out again this summer to replenish her art supplies, and to expand her palette of glass colours.

"The rarest piece to find is a red."

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