Treatment hearing for Alberta man found not criminally responsible in mother's death

CALGARY — A review board has heard that an Alberta man who killed his mother because he thought she was possessed by Satan is making good progress but still requires close monitoring.

Alexander James Thorpe, who is 21, was arrested in January after showing up at an Airdrie, Alta., car dealership nude, except for a gold cross around his neck, covered in blood.

He first responders that he was told by Jesus to kill Satan, who he said had taken over his mother's body.

Thorpe pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in Melanie Lowen's death and was found not criminally responsible last month.

Psychiatrist Dr. Ken Chapman, who has been treating Thorpe with lithium for a form of bipolar disorder that can cause episodes of psychosis, says he has been in spontaneous remission since shortly after his arrest.

He says the treatment seems to be working and Thorpe is a model patient but needs to be watched over the next year to make sure it continues to control his bipolar disorder.

The Alberta Review Board has reserved its decision on a treatment plan for Thorpe for the next year.

The Canadian Press