Tree planted in memory of Pat and John Thomas

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Mickle Park is now home to a new tree to honour the lives of loved ones.

“We’re having a tree dedication for Patricia and John Thomas, who passed away a few years ago in a tragic accident,” said Harry Wyma of the Ridgetown and District Horticultural Society. “They’re great wonderful people. They had a great love for nature, society and community.”

Patricia was the secretary of the Ridgetown and District Horticultural Society, and many believed she had a passion for nature. To honour the lives of Patricia and John, a tree was planted in Mickle Park, just across from the local library.

“I believe in miracles. And I see miracles all around us. This is one of the greatest miracles we see all around us,” Wyma said of the tree. I call this a miracle because the green colour is chlorophyll. If it weren’t for the chlorophyll, we wouldn’t be here today.”

Wyma said the chlorophyll, along with the energy of the sun and the water, the roots will pick up the moisture from the ground.

“That is what creates food, particularly sugar,” he said.

He spoke about the importance of trees and how each tree was a miracle. Some trees produce maple syrup, lemons and berries, while others help with bees.

“There are so many miracles in nature.”

According to Patricia and John’s son David, they always had a passion for nature. He added anyone who has ever seen the garden would know that his parents tried to grow everything and loved the new challenges.

“My dad was always proud of her for being the secretary. Although he wasn’t an official member, I know it would mean a lot to them that they’re both being recognized today,” he said.

David said there are a few things that make planting the tree very special for him and his family. He said when he was returning the meeting notes that his mom had taken, he noticed that “plant more trees” was a very common theme.

“When my wife and I got our first house, their housewarming gift to us was a beautiful maple tree. Mom would always bring children to the library across the street to get books and read them before bed. So to be honoured here in this beautiful park across from the library makes it very special for my children and me,” he said.

David said when he had first heard about the tree, he and his family came to see it. They noticed seeds were spread at the base.

“We decided that mom would approve, so we picked them up and tried to grow a tree for ourselves to keep, keep the memory and guidance, honour them, and do what she wanted us all to do - plant more trees,” he said.

Residents of Blenheim, John and Pat Thomas, passed away suddenly in a motor vehicle accident on August 28, 2020.

Bird Bouchard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Ridgetown Independent News

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