Trevor Hamlyn's family still hoping for answers, a year since he disappeared

As an unwanted anniversary creeps up on the family of Trevor Hamlyn, they continue to search for answers on just what happened to the missing 33-year-old, almost one year ago.

Hamlyn — who is known by his nickname Pepsi — was last seen on June 16, 2018, at his home in Paradise.

Three days later, his sister Ashley Hamlyn reported him missing.  Nearly 12 months later, she has yet to get the closure she so desperately wants for her family.

"It's still fresh, it's still very emotional," Hamlyn said.

"When someone just vanishes without a trace, you have all these scenarios in your head."

I'm not the same person I was a year ago. - Ashley Hamlyn

Hamlyn still diligently prints out posters, taping them up around Paradise as well as the metro St. John's area.

She's hopeful the photo of her brother, alongside a plea for information, may someday lead someone to call the family, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, or Crime Stoppers.

"The simplest little thing could bring him home," she told CBC's St. John's Morning Show.

The family is dealing with the situation as best they can, Hamlyn said, but it's not easy.

Krissy Holmes/CBC

"It's devastating. We have our good days and we have our bad days. Unfortunately, the bad days are really bad. I mean, a family member just disappeared. There's no sightings or anything, we don't know what happened to him," she said.

"He was my brother. He was a son to my mother. He was a friend, an uncle. How do you get over that? Without have any type of closure?"

Hamlyn said she's grateful for any chance to talk about her brother, and get his name and face out in the public eye to keep him on people's minds, while her mother has a difficult time coping with the idea of talking to media.

"This is very emotional for her, as you can imagine. Her child went missing. She's dealing with this the best way she can …  She's the strongest person I've ever known," Hamlyn said.

"She's happy that we're keeping his face out there, that we're keeping the information out there, that we're letting people know that we're not gonna stop, that we're still looking for him, that we still don't have the answers."

Trevor Hamlyn/Facebook

'I have no answers'

Since the police investigation launched, Hamlyn said the family learned more about Trevor's life that they didn't know, and for her, that's raised questions about exactly what happened.

"I love everyone that's in our lives and who's been in Trevor's life, but unfortunately when something happens like this, it changes you as a person. I'm not the same person I was a year ago," she said.

"And that's fine by me — I'm OK. I'm more strong and outspoken, so to me it's a strength, but how do you know who you trust? Because who was actually involved? That's the biggest question. We don't know who was involved, you don't know who you can trust outside your immediate family."

Sherry Vivian/CBC

It's been a hard year for the family, Hamlyn said, adding they weren't too keen on celebrating their first Christmas without Trevor.

But with young kids, they're trying their best to look to the future.

"We can't stop our life … we have to move forward," she said.

Her son still talks about his Uncle Trevor, but hasn't outright asked what happened to him.

She hopes to someday be able to answer his questions.

"I'm actually petrified for the day that that comes and he asks, 'Mommy, where's uncle Trevor? How come he hasn't been around?' Because I have no answers to give him."

Anyone with information about Trevor Hamlyn's disappearance is asked to contact the RNC or can anonymously report to Crime Stoppers.

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