Trevor Noah Has A Mind Blowing Theory About Sean Hannity

Trevor Noahtook aim atFox NewshostSean Hannityforthe second night in a row.

Earlier in the week, Hannity was outed in court as the “mystery” clientof PresidentDonald Trump’spersonal attorneyMichael Cohen, who is currently at the center ofa federal investigation. On Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” Noah said he was riled by Hannity’s casual attempt to “minimize his connection to Michael Cohen like it means nothing, especially when every other day of the year he’s the guy who can bake a conspiracy cake out of nothing more than an egg and the word ‘Hillary.’”

After airing clips of Hannity talking about the so-called Clinton, Mueller and Comey “Crime” Families, Noah shared a theory of his own that he said may “bust the Hannity-Michael Cohen story wide open.”

“Get ready to have your minds blown,” he added.

Check it out in the clip above.

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