Trevor Noah told Oprah he initially turned down an invitation from 'The Daily Show'

Trevor Noah was a guest on Oprah at the Apollo where he revealed that his job as host of The Daily Show started with an ill-timed call from Jon Stewart.

While sitting with Oprah Winfrey, Noah talked discussed his first encounter with Stewart. He said, "He said, "Hey, I was wondering, if you ever come to America, would you like to pop into the show and hang out? I think you'd like what we do, and maybe we can hang out."

Surprisingly, Noah's response was "no." Noah had just launched a comedy tour in the United Kingdom. And since that had been a lifelong goal, he wanted to see it through.

Apparently Stewart was surprised by Noah's refusal. Noah recounted, "He paused and he said, 'Are you seriously saying no?' I said, 'Yeah. But thank you."

Stewart left an open invitation if Noah ever changed his mind. Noah said he called Stewart a year and a half later and they met up. After some meetings and auditions Noah was named Stewart's successor.