Trex art display returns to SMPC

A new art exhibit is now on display at the Strathmore Motor Products Centre (SMPC) as part of a travelling arts exhibition program.

Trex Southwest is featuring six Alberta-based artists for the Never Ending Poetry Gallery. This is the second time a Trex exhibit has made a stop in Strathmore as part of its tour.

“We have been lucky enough to book two of those for the school year for George Freeman School and the Sports Center,” said Jill McDonald, associate principal at George Freeman School.

“We just love that we can bring art to our students, right within our building, and out to the community as well.”

Thematically, the pieces on display at the sports center are abstract, and are open to interpretation.

McDonald said having the gallery on display is an excellent opportunity for the community to enjoy something unique, but also for students to learn about different artists and their styles.

“You have to try and extract some meaning from it. The artists didn’t use words, like poetry, they have used images. There might be some repeating patterns, or there might be some symbols in the pieces,” she said. “Part of the learning is around looking at art and enjoying art and appreciating art, but there will also be some lessons that are included, and some projects that are included. Students will be creating some artwork to kind of follow the theme of the exhibit as well.”

In all, there are 16 pieces within the gallery, utilizing mediums such as 3D printing, beads, industrial steel, woven textiles, photography, printing and painting.

The exhibit was brought in at virtually no cost to the school, effectively only to cover the expense of shipping the pieces to the gallery.

George Freeman School was required to apply to the Alberta Society for the Arts to have the exhibit drop in as part of their route this year.

During roughly the same time last year, the Trex exhibit on display at the SMPC was “Vital Patterns,” which showcased 15 pieces themed around patterns found in nature, also in a variety of mediums.

“We have another Trex exhibit that is coming at the end of April, and the beginning of May, that is about the Canadian-Chinese immigrant experience, their resilience, and how they contributed to Confederation,” added McDonald.

The display, which was launched at the SMPC on Nov. 7, will be open to public viewing until Dec. 7.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times