Court sees video of alleged murderer Greg Fertuck showing undercover RCMP around gravel pit

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Greg Fertuck has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of his wife, Sheree Fertuck.  (Greg Fertuck/Facebook - image credit)
Greg Fertuck has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of his wife, Sheree Fertuck. (Greg Fertuck/Facebook - image credit)

The trial of Greg Fertuck watched video Thursday of Fertuck showing undercover RCMP officers around a gravel pit near Kenaston, Sask. — footage secretly taken by police posing as Fertuck's friends just days before he was charged with murdering his estranged wife, Sheree.

Fertuck was charged with first-degree murder in June 2019 after he disclosed to the officers, who were posing as criminals seeking to gain Fertuck's trust, that he shot Sheree twice and then dumped her body in a rural area near Kenaston and the pit, the trial has heard.

His judge-only trial at Court of Queen's Bench in Saskatoon began five weeks ago. Fertuck has pleaded not guilty.

The video shown in court Thursday began with Fertuck meeting with several male undercover officers at the James Hotel in downtown Saskatoon.

The group milled about the parking lot for a bit.

Then, according to one of the undercover officers who testified in court, the group drove toward Kenaston and the gravel pit.

Once there, Feruck could be seen in the video pointing out features at a gravel pit, before the group got into a car, drove out to a field and walked toward some trees.

The audio throughout the video was hard to hear on the court's TV monitor.

Court hears tape of sting operation

For days, the trial has been hearing testimony from two of the officers involved in the so-called Mr. Big sting targeting Fertuck.

But on Thursday, the courtroom finally heard tape of Fertuck's interactions with officers, beginning with audio.

In the first tape, dated Oct. 16, 2018 — more than two years after the December 2015 day when Sheree disappeared — an undercover officer spoke to Fertuck about the company he worked for. He told Fertuck the operation had both a legitimate side — hauling cars — and another, far more lucrative "side of the house."

"Nothing with drugs," the officer added.

"Let me work on this side of the house," Fertuck said.

"You're in, brother," the officer said.

Several times during the conversation, Fertuck could be heard saying, "I know nothing, I see nothing."

His voice sounded slurred at times.

"He kept reiterating that he wanted to be on the criminal side of the operation," the officer testified in court.

Fertuck had been drinking before he was picked up, the officer said.

Friendly overtures

The degree to which officers worked to maintain their faked ties with Fertuck was also outlined in the officer's testimony on Thursday.

In one of the "scenarios" intended to cement their cover and relationship with Fertuck, the officers let Fertuck accompany them on a trip to B.C. where they picked up an associate being released from prison.

The whole thing was staged.

After Fertuck reportedly fell, hit his head and later fell again, officers brought him a pizza while he was in the hospital. He'd complained about the food there, court heard.

In the second tape played in court, taken on Feb. 16, 2019, officers visited Fertuck at a home as he recovered from his fall.

Much of the tape was hard to hear when played on the court TV, though one officer could be heard repeatedly asking Fertuck about his weight loss.

"You look good," an officer said.

Four months later, following dozens of other staged scenarios, Fertuck was charged in Sheree's death.

The Crown's case is expected to last at least a couple more weeks.

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