Trial of man accused of sexually assaulting teen hears from her mother

Former Halifax school support worker charged with sexually assaulting student

The mother of a teenager who accuses a Dartmouth man of sexually assaulting her testified at his jury trial Thursday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax.

The woman said she suspected her daughter was in a relationship with Michael Kobylanski despite the girl's denials. The woman said she didn't approve because of the near 20-year difference in their ages.

The girl was 17 years old when she accused Kobylanski of attacking her in his home, choking and sexually assaulting her, and threatening to burn parts of her body. She's now 20. 

Kobylanski is facing six charges, including sexual assault and sexual assault with a weapon. The identity of both the girl and her mother are protected by a publication ban.

Daughter was insecure

The mother testified Thursday that the girl was sensitive and insecure growing up and was the target of bullying. She said her daughter didn't complete high school and took a string of low-paying jobs, including working for Kobylanski.

In her opening statement Wednesday, Crown prosecutor Susan MacKay said Kobylanski hired the girl for $50 a week to work in his business and provide sexual services. The Crown has not yet introduced evidence to support that assertion.

The mother told the six-man, six-woman jury that her suspicions about a relationship were confirmed when the family took a vacation to the Dominican Republic. She said her daughter made an expensive long distance cellphone call back to Nova Scotia to speak with Kobylanski.

Shortly after the family returned from vacation, the mother said the girl moved in with him.

The mother said she didn't see her daughter for a couple of months. When she did, she said the girl's face was covered in bruises, which the teen blamed on a fight with another girl. The mother said she didn't believe the story.

Arrest made

The mother said the girl and the family eventually went to police to complain about Kobylanski.

Earlier in the trial, police officers who were assigned to the investigation testified.

Two officers told how they met with Kobylanski when he came to the police station to ask for advice. The officers said Kobylanski told them he'd tried to go to a business where his ex-girlfriend worked and was told by the manager he had to leave.

After Kobylanski left the station, the two officers checked his name in the police computer and found he was the subject of an active sexual assault investigation. They reported their encounter to investigators in the sexual assault unit and were subsequently told to arrest him.

The officers said they called Kobylanski, who agreed to meet them at a Tim Hortons. They said they arrested him in the parking lot without incident.

The trial resumes Friday.