Trick-or-treating safety tips

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Trick-or-treating safety tips
Trick-or-treating safety tips

We're heading into our second pandemic Halloween, but thanks to vaccines, social distancing, and other safety precautions, the 2021 installment comes with a lot less uncertainty than last year.

Last year, officials recommended people living in "hot spot" neighbourhoods with high concentrations of COVID-19 cases and spread avoid trick-or-treating altogether.

That's not looking to be the case this year, with Halloween festivities likely on the table in most parts of Canada.

And while things may look a little more like years past this Sunday, health experts say it's still important to take safety precautions. Specific guidelines vary by region, but here's a breakdown of the general rules


  • Stay home if you're feeling sick and/or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

  • You should also stay home if you are self-isolating or waiting to hear back on COVID-19 test results.

  • Travel in small groups, practice social distancing, and wear face masks (the kind that protects against spreading COVID-19, not the spooky ones.)

  • Children are being encouraged not to sing or shout for treats.

  • Parents should keep interactions with homeowners brief and refrain from entering other people's homes.

  • Bring hand sanitizer and use it often.

  • Upon returning home, officials say there is no need to sanitize treats.


  • Do not participate in any Halloween festivities if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Do not invite people into your home.

  • Wash your hands frequently.

  • Consider wearing a face mask when greeting trick-or-treaters.

  • Only give out pre-packaged, store-bought treats.

  • Maintain social distancing whenever possible.

  • Encourage guests to move along quickly.

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