A trip down the Anshuanipi: A Land & Sea archival special

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Waiting for the train after the mine shift in Labrador City and Wabush was common for those heading to Labrador's Ashuanipi River. But the trip in the winter of 1998 marked a special one for those involved.

The ride, dubbed "the river run," was the start of a cabin owners reunion. The train was full of music and laughs within minutes, highlighting one of the best parts of the weekend, according to riders.

Cabin owners on the lake were almost like family, with the close to 100 cabins in the area making the lake feel like a community in itself.

Ride the river run in this Land & Sea archival special, originally aired in 1998:

Once people start arriving at the river, it almost feels like a step back in time, and an Anshuanipi weekend people wouldn't soon forget.

"The only difference I find is that all of us are about eight to 10 years older. So it's getting tougher all the time," joked organizer Randy Collins.

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