'The Trip to Spain' exclusive clip: Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon 'Bond' over scallops

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

The Trip to Spain continues Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon‘s gastronomic tour of Europe, which began with the 2010 film, The Trip, and continued in 2014’s The Trip to Italy. (All three films are distilled versions of three TV series that air in their six-episode entirety on British television.) The latest entry in this trilogy also continues a running gag that originated in the bickering duo’s very first Trip: riffing on James Bond. As you’ll see in the Yahoo Movies exclusive clip above, Brydon is once again the guy who initiates the 007 role play, this time over a dish of scrumptious grilled scallops topped with Iranian caviar that both men appear hesitant to sample. “Come, come Mr. Bond, you enjoy the scallop just as much as I do,” Brydon says, raising one of the mollusks to his lips, while Coogan looks on with a raised eyebrow and wry grin.

Based on this scene, anyway, the two appear on better terms during The Trip to Spain than they have been in the previous films. Playing fictionalized versions of their real selves over the course of these movies, both Coogan and Brydon have tweaked each other mercilessly on screen for perceived slights and past sins. “It’s a sort of an exaggeration of real life,” Coogan remarked to The Guardian while shooting the original film in 2010. Of course, early reviews of The Trip to Spain have suggested that their mutual animosity returns as their Spanish sojourn drags on. That’s just how they like their relationship: shaken and stirred.

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