Trolls Came For BTS Member Suga and the BTS Army Clapped Back HARD

Jasmine Gomez
Photo credit: Twitter

From Seventeen

Korean pop band BTS has kept busy and booked. The boys are currently on their world tour and have already sold out a couple of venues. They've also been busy breaking records. When their single "Boy With Luv" featuring Halsey premiered, it became the most-viewed online video in the first 24 hours in YouTube history. BTS also landed two wins at the Billboard Music Awards, where they performed with Halsey. The K-pop group has been making the rounds on American television shows like Saturday Night Live and are soon set to appear on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Amidst all that work, the boys still make time for play. BTS member, Suga, was recently spotted enjoying a baseball game at Dodger Stadium. That might seem like a completely normal thing to do, but even completely normal things tend to bother Twitter trolls.

To celebrate Suga's time at Dodger Stadium, the ESPN Twitter account tweeted out photos of Suga posing in the stadium besides some trophies and the LA Dodgers logo.

But it was the replies to the tweet that had the BTS ARMY ready to protect their own. Twitter trolls took to making some offensive comments about everything from Suga's face mask to his race. Though face masks are now a streetwear trend, many people in South Korea wear face masks to protect themselves from air pollution. One now-deleted tweet read, "JUST Another rich Chinese kid."

But the BTS ARMY made it clear that it is not OK to hate on Suga, much less make racist and xenophobic comments. Instead of clapping back with ignorance, the BTS ARMY responded with comments trying to educate the trolls on who Suga is, why they love BTS and even info about why Suga wears a medical mask.

Despite the hate, Suga looked like he had a good time at the Dodgers baseball game. He tweeted out a photo with Hyun-jin Ryu, a pitcher for the Dodgers who's also South Korean.

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