'Trolls' post $10,000 fine, 'No Eye Contact' signs on popular hike path: 'I am thoroughly impressed'

Massachusetts Redditors are cackling at these absurd signs in New England.

Belmont’s walkers and hikers keep coming across signage with strange warnings and high fees. One read “No Eye Contact. Per Belmont Tradition” and claimed that rule breakers would incur a hefty $10,000 fine.

Another sign read, “No Running With Sticks.” It also had the added fine print, “Do it in Waltham-they don’t care if you put your eye out. Per Belmont Bylaw… (forgot which #).” There was no fine for breaking this restriction, however.

Both signs were placed along trails at Rock Meadow Conservation Area and Beaver Brook North Reservation. Locals speculated that the signs might be public art poking fun at Belmont’s strict rules. The signs came about in 2020 when more hikers visited the area during the pandemic.

The Reddit user @KeepitMelloOoW noticed the sign earlier this month asking, “10,000 fine for eye contact? Is this real?” The inquiry racked up over 1,400 upvotes.

“If you’re from New England you don’t need the sign. You just get it already,” a Redditor replied.

“I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of that sign,” a user noted.

“It says gullible on the back side,” another joked.

“That may be the most New England thing I’ve ever seen. Love it,” someone wrote.

“Warning Hikers: Trolls are known to be in the area. You have been warned,” a person commented.

Eventually, the strange signs were removed after a few days. A town employee told The Boston Globe they “were not Belmont-sanctioned signs” and thus taken down.

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