Body found at site of Saskatoon crash, fire

Following a dramatic semi-truck crash and house fire in Saskatoon, the remains of what is believed to be the driver have been found.

The crash happened at the south edge of the city just before 3 a.m. CST Wednesday.

A semi-trailer hauling pipes left Highway 11 just south of the Highway 16 overpass and slammed into a house at 431 Senick Bay in the Stonebridge area off Hunter Road.

That house and another house at 435 Senick Bay burst into flames.

Flames could be seen as fire crews were approaching from Circle Drive, the fire department said.

When they arrived at the scene they saw a "fairly spectacular large ball of flame" and a truck trailer, said battalion chief Andy Kotelmach.

"Between the flame and the smoke, we actually couldn't tell there was a tractor unit ... but once the flames were knocked down and the smoke had cleared, the crews discovered the tractor unit inside the home," he said.

Due to the fire and all the debris from the collapsed house, it took hours before search crews could gain access to look for a body, the fire department said.

Later in the day, Saskatoon police confirmed that human remains had been found. They have not been identified yet, however.

Police have asked a forensic anthropologist, Ernie Walker, to assist their forensics unit.

Both homes were under construction and were not occupied. They were completely destroyed, the fire department said.

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