Trucker | The Bucket Song | Official Music Video

Trucker | The Bucket Song | Official Music Video Director: Chris Blunk Produced by: Chris Blunk, Jeremy Osbern Director of Photography: Jeremy Osbern Gaffer: Michael Stoecker Production Designer: Misti Boland January 15, 2007 lyrics it’s a long way down in the bucket the winch screams, and creaks, the rope unwinds. it’s hard enough to know the bottom and the rains can come at any time. so be young and take a load off today the clock is wound sometimes forgotten. a quarter, half, an hourly chime. for days you’re having all your wishes but success can’t buy you any time. the exits locked the windows boarded. some g-man blocking the door. you’ve paid the debts that they’ve acquired but the fuckers always wanting more.