Trudeau and Trump's awkward handshake has become an instant meme

Trudeau meets Trump

From women’s rights to the refugee crisis, Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump couldn’t be further apart politically.

But the Liberal Canadian prime minister and Republican US president kept their first meeting at White House amicable, despite a few awkward moments.

Ever since Trump’s bizarre 19-second-long handshake with Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, the world has been analysing his strange, Alpha-male style.

So all eyes were on these two politicians, whose countries share a border but whose governments differ dramatically, as they went in for a handshake.

But Trudeau, a smooth political operator, was Trump’s match — offering subtle resistance by controlling the handshake himself.

On Twitter, one delighted supported chimed: “Trudeau resisting Trump’s weird handshake is the biggest display of dominance in the history of Canada.”

The interaction has spawned hundreds of memes — and here are some of the best…

“When your piece of *** friend gives you the bad controller” (Reddit/BlameTheMamo)

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Trump meets Trudeau